Stop and smell the flower! With Golden Meds, we want you to light it too. Flower is the source of every other cannabis product like edibles, concentrates, and vaporizers. The buds are celebrated, ground, packed in bowls, and known worldwide throughout history. Flower is harvested and cut from the stem. It comes in indica, sativa, and hybrid. Buy it in eighths, quarters, or ounces and enjoy. Smoking cannabis is fast-acting, long-lasting, and a great way to take the edge off. 


The best friend of the daytime, Sativa consumers love to light up before outdoor adventures, a strenuous workout, a writing session, a fun jam, or even an unforgettable concert. Sativa gives you a “head high,” more energy, focus, and creativity. Sativas have been known to give paranoia or lethargy, so if you aren’t sure, buy flower that’s no more than 20%.


As Hannah Montana might say: “It’s the best of both worlds.” Sativa and indica combine for a full-bodied spectrum of aromas and functions. It is the most common flower species from all the cross-breeding done with it and the possibilities of effects. It also offers a great balance. Not too heady, not too couchy. A great aspect about hybrids is some are sativa-dominant, and others are indica-dominant, so you can decide what side of the fence you wish to be on. 


Indica is famously known as “in da couch” because of its ability to make you feel sleepy and relaxed. Get on your pajamas and select one of our top-shelf and affordable indicas. Consumers have claimed it can also relieve pain and stress. Don’t take it if you have a busy day ahead, but light it up once you finish your to-do list, you achieving person, you. Reward yourself with relaxation. 

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