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Golden Meds Dispensaries established its roots in the Denver cannabis community in 2009. Since then, we’ve opened multiple locations in the Denver area and another one in Colorado Springs. Our values of inclusion and diversity drive us. This allows us to bring high-quality cannabis products and accessories to our vast range of customers.

Recreational Cannabis on Peoria Street

Our Peoria Street location is a favorite among those looking for a dispensary in Denver, especially those in the Northeast, Gateway, Peterson, or Northfield neighborhoods. It’s located less than half a mile north of the Peoria Street exit off I-70 or three miles north of the Colfax and Santa Fe intersection. This address makes it convenient to get to whether you’re nearby or traveling from further away.
When you arrive, one of our talented and knowledgeable budtenders can help you find a cannabis product that best fits your needs. Developing long-lasting relationships is key to what we do, and we’ve worked to foster relationships both within the community and with local growers, extractors, and edible makers throughout Colorado.

Our Cannabis Products

When it comes to our products, we prioritize quality and value over all else. We seek world-class products that can be sold at reasonable prices, so we don’t exclude customers from partaking in high-quality cannabis products.


The most popular method of cannabis consumption remains smoking the flower. We carry a diverse selection of flower products from some of the most popular and respected cannabis grows in the state, like 14er, Veritas, and Locol Love. Whether you’re looking for indica, sativa, or a hybrid mix, our premium offerings should help satisfy your needs.


Pre-rolls are another traditional way of consuming cannabis. Yet, we know that some people would prefer to leave the rolling to the experts. That’s where we come in. We sell pre-rolls from Del Mundo, High Country Cone, and Jaze so that all you need to start smoking is a lighter (and we sell those, too).


For those that prefer a non-smoking alternative to cannabis consumption, edibles are perhaps the most popular choice. Available as chocolates, gummies, and sodas, among other options, edibles can help satiate your hunger or thirst while providing the added effects of cannabis. We’re happy to help with recommendations. If you’re new to edibles, the experience is often dissimilar to smoking, and it can take a long time for the effects to kick in. So, it’s always best to start at low quantities and take your time before consuming more.


If you’re looking to up your cannabis game, concentrates may be for you. These products come with very high levels of THC and often give off enhanced aromas and flavors. Our budtenders can walk you through your options and help ensure the product you buy is a fit for your preferred method of consumption.


A popular way to consume concentrates is through a vaporizer. They are simple, effective, and often less harsh than other methods. We can help find a concentrate that’s perfect for you and your vaporizer as we carry over a dozen different brands of cartridges.


Tinctures offer another simple way of enjoying the effects of cannabis. All you need to do is use the dropper to place a small amount underneath your tongue. You should try to hold the liquid in your mouth for around a minute before swallowing. If you’re not a fan of the taste, you can also mix it into a favorite drink or food.


Topicals allow you to apply the natural cannabinoids of the plant where you need them, like your joints, hands, or back. Many topicals are infused with essential oils that help add beautiful aromas to the product. Simply rub a small amount directly on top of the spot you need to experience the effects.


There are times where you may need additional tools or equipment to help you with your cannabis needs. We sell lighters, grinders, rolling trays, batteries, and pipes, so you have everything you need to enjoy your cannabis.

Medical Cannabis

Golden Meds also has a medical cannabis menu for those looking for relief. Our medical cannabis offerings match our recreational ones in both quality and value.

Order Online Today

Golden Meds Dispensary is here for all of your cannabis needs. To make the purchasing process even easier, you can browse our online menu and order for pickup. Once we’ve confirmed the order is ready, you can stop by and quickly pick up and pay for your purchase. Feel free to stop by and browse our selection in person, too.

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