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Why Choose Golden Meds Dispensary on Quebec St

Here at Golden Meds Dispensaries, we’ve been serving the Denver area since 2009. Throughout more than a decade of continuous service, we’ve provided premium cannabis products and low prices for medical marijuana patients and recreational cannabis customers alike. Along the way, we’ve always emphasized forming strong relationships with all of our patients and customers. Our level of commitment to this community will be evident as soon as you walk through the door at any of our cannabis dispensaries in Denver.

Our location at 2280 South Quebec Street is southeast of downtown Denver, making it especially convenient for Goldsmith, Hampden, Indian Creek, and the surrounding areas. Since this location is easy to reach via large streets like Iliff Ave and Evans Ave, you’ll find that you can get to us quickly. At this location, we regularly serve customers from University Hills, Virginia Village, and other neighborhoods south of Glendale.

Our Cannabis Products on Quebec St in Denver

Providing excellent service and convenience is important to us, and we also understand that there are other things our customers are looking for as well. Price, selection, and quality are all important things to consider before you decide which Denver dispensary to visit, so we do our best to ensure that we can meet all of your needs.

To provide you with the best products and prices we can, we form relationships with Colorado’s finest growers, edible makers, and cannabis concentrate extractors. Before adding new products to our dispensary menu, we carefully consider the quality to determine if it meets our high standards. Everything you can find at our dispensary in Denver, on Quebec St., has been selected because we believe it’s worthy of our customers.


From first-time cannabis shoppers to experienced connoisseurs, it seems like almost everyone likes edibles. There are so many different flavors and textures available when you shop for cannabis edibles that there’s something to appeal to just about any taste. Choose gummies, chocolates, or other types of edibles depending on your unique preferences.

Not only are edibles fun, delicious, and easy to enjoy– they also prevent you from having to smoke or inhale anything. You can enjoy them discreetly without producing any smells that might attract attention. Just remember that your body may not process the edibles for over an hour, so take your time and don’t overdo it!


Even as edibles and concentrates become increasingly popular, many of our customers still say that traditional flower is their favorite form of the cannabis plant. Choose an indica strain, sativa strain, or hybrid strain that appeals to you based on its unique qualities. Here at our dispensary near Goldsmith and Hampden, you’ll find a massive selection of premium cannabis strains with different aromas, flavors, and effects. All of the options on our dispensary menu have been grown by experts with green thumbs.


Some of our customers say they love smoking joints, but they could do without the process of actually preparing a joint. They don’t want to have to grind the flower, make a mess, and take the time or effort to roll something perfectly. If that sounds like you, consider buying cannabis pre-rolls. All you need is a lighter, and you’ll be ready to smoke! This is definitely the most convenient way to treat yourself to a classic cannabis experience.


We’re currently seeing a massive surge in demand for cannabis concentrates, and we completely understand why people love them so much. They offer incredibly high levels of cannabinoids, much higher than even the best cannabis strains in the world. Many of our cannabis concentrates are also known for having especially intense scents and tastes because of their refined nature.


If you don’t want to invest in a dab rig or spend time preparing your cannabis concentrates, a cannabis vape pen may be more appealing to you. Our THC cartridges make enjoying your extracts as easy as pushing a button, and they’re made from a variety of different strains.


From papers and ashtrays to torch lighters and pipes, we have everything you need to enjoy your favorite cannabis products. Our knowledgeable budtenders will make sure you have the right tools to make the most of your favorite cannabis products.

Order Cannabis Online in Denver

Many of our customers like to visit our dispensary in person and explore our offerings, but others prefer the convenience of buying cannabis online. Our online ordering tool syncs with our actual inventory, so you can see which products are available in real-time. When you arrive at our dispensary on Quebec St, everything will be ready to go. Place your order now to get started!

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