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Discover a Higher Standard of Quality with the Best Concentrates Denver Has to Offer

It’s no secret that cannabis concentrates are among the most widely enjoyed forms of marijuana, especially for consumers with high expectations for potency, purity, and quality. 

Golden Meds has earned a reputation as the best concentrate dispensary in Denver, both for quality and the size and diversity of our selection. Our experts are constantly handpicking premium concentrates from the industry’s top brands, making it easy for you to find go-to favorites and new product options alike. 

Whether your concentrate style is shatter, wax, budder, live resin, or any other form – or a little bit of everything – Golden Meds has everything you’re looking for and more.

What are Cannabis Concentrates?

If you’re new to marijuana, you might be wondering: what are weed concentrates, and what makes them so special? Well, prepare to discover an exciting new way to create a cannabis experience that’s ideal for you.

In simplest terms, cannabis concentrates are exactly what they sound like – a concentrated form of cannabis. Concentrates come in a diverse range of forms, giving you plenty of options. There are also different ways to consume concentrates, and it’s this flexibility that has helped make concentrates so popular.

Concentrates are the result of distilling down all of the cannabis plant’s most desirable parts. They contain none of the unnecessary plant material, instead zeroing in on the highly desirable cannabinoids and terpenes. In other words, you’re getting a product that dials up the aromas, flavors, and effects of cannabis. Ounce for ounce, concentrates have a much richer cannabinoid profile and terpene content than the raw flower.

So, how do you consume cannabis concentrates? Once again, flexibility is one of the top benefits concentrates offer. You can top your flower with concentrates, dab, make edibles or topicals, or vape concentrates – there’s virtually no limit to how to use concentrates!

Shop the Different Types of Concentrate: Which One is Right for You?

Whether you consider yourself a cannabis concentrate connoisseur or you’re just joining the conversation, one of the biggest benefits of concentrates is inarguably the huge variety of types to choose from. 

We could be here all day if we were to go in-depth on every type of cannabis concentrate out there – what can we say? There are tons of options, and we have a lot to say about how much we love them all. Here’s a short and sweet list of concentrates available at our recreational dispensaries in Denver.


With a smooth texture and deliciously clean flavor, shatter is one of the reigning kings of concentrates. Favored by dabbers, in particular, shatter can range from slightly sticky to solid. As one of the original butane hash oil (BHO) concentrates, shatter helped propel cannabis concentrates to their current level of popularity.

Live Resin

If you want a concentrate that boasts a unique profile of benefits, live resin might be right up your alley. This BHO is made using fresh flower that have been cryogenically frozen at harvest. Throughout extraction, the flower is kept at subcritical temperatures to preserve terpenes that would otherwise be lost. The result is an incredibly flavorful and aromatic experience that’s a lot like fresh bud.


Wax is pretty similar to shatter in terms of potency, but it has a thick, buttery texture that sets it apart. Known for delivering a flavor that hits powerfully, wax can vary in color and consistency depending on the production process and the quality of its ingredients. Golden Meds has been frequently named the best wax dispensary in Denver at the risk of humble bragging.


Think of rosin as a solvent-free version of shatter. It’s made using a careful balance of heat and pressure and boasts serious versatility. Sappy and somewhat translucent, it’s enjoyed by dabbers for its potency and flavor.


Budder has a dense, sticky texture that’s a lot like wax, and it is usually best paired with an applicator to minimize mess. The softer consistency comes from the higher moisture content in the oils it’s made with, while its signature taste and potency are thanks to its rich terpene content.


Named for its consistency, which is a lot like wet sugar, this concentrate is made with an extraction of either dried flower or fresh-frozen cannabis. You can find cannabis sugar in shades from vivid yellow to deep amber. 


Cannabis diamonds are the crystalline bits that are in the sauce, a concentrate with a runny consistency and glossy appearance. You can buy the diamonds and sauce together, or just the diamonds – it’s totally up to you. There are a few different kinds of cannabis diamonds, ranging from pure, crystallized THC to the crystalline remnants left behind once terp sauce is removed.


Hash, otherwise known as hashish, is high in THC and one of the most concentrated forms of cannabis. It comes from the trichomes of the cannabis plant and is usually used as an umbrella term for concentrates like bubble hash and dry-sift hash.


Badder is very comparable to budder, except its consistency can be much looser. Depending on how you like to enjoy your concentrate, choosing budder vs. badder is usually a matter of personal preference.

Vape Cartridges and Disposables

Vaping marijuana concentrates is convenient, easy, and incredibly efficient – all you need is a reusable or disposable vape pen with the concentrate of your choice, and you’re ready to go. Generally, distillates and oils are the concentrates you’ll find in pre-filled cartridges, pods, and disposable weed pens.

Experience a New Level of Premium Cannabis Concentrates in CO

Here at Golden Meds dispensaries in Denver, we’re always working to stay on top of new cannabis trends and product options. So, don’t be surprised when you see our menu constantly expanding – there’s always something new to try! 

Whether you’re searching for the best live resin in Denver, sampling all of the different forms of cannabis concentrate, or looking for high-quality cannabis vapes, Golden Meds has all that and so much more. Our knowledgeable team is here to help beginners and experienced consumers alike, making it easy to shop with confidence.

There’s only one name you need to know when you’re shopping for the best concentrates for sale in Denver: Golden Meds. Browse our selection, and then visit one of our dispensary locations today!

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