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If you’re already aware of Colorado’s cannabis industry, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Golden Meds. With locations throughout Denver, Aurora, and other areas of the state, we’re among the most recognizable and trusted Colorado cannabis companies. Since we also offer both medical cannabis and recreational adult-use cannabis we have a reputation for having something for just about everyone. We also do our best to provide the friendliest service possible at every step of the way.

Our Cannabis Products in Denver

It brings us joy when people say they return to Golden Meds because of the staff, but we know we’ll always have to focus on having premium cannabis products at low prices to really make people love our dispensary. That’s why we work with the best growers, edible makers, and concentrate extractors in the state of Colorado. When you visit our Denver dispensary on Bryant Street, you can find all of the following.


Human beings have been interested in the cannabis plant for thousands of years already, and the flower is definitely the most enjoyed cannabis product of all time. It’s simple, natural, and classic. Best of all, there are so many different ways to enjoy flowers. We’ve heard of customers buying flowers to smoke out of glass pipes, roll into joints, or even making homemade cannabis-infused dishes.

You don’t have to have a big glass collection, expert rolling skills, or kitchen know-how to enjoy cannabis flower, though. When you buy pre-rolls, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a classic smoking experience. Our pre-rolled joints are popular because all you need is a lighter or a match and you’ll be ready to smoke.


Cannabis extracts like wax, shatter, and live resin is beloved by cannabis connoisseurs because they offer a concentrated version of everything we love about cannabis. The THC levels are orders of magnitude higher than even the most premium cannabis flower in the world. Some people love the experience and flavor of vaporizing concentrates on enormous dab rigs, while others prefer to enjoy concentrates out of vape pens for a more convenient experience.


If you don’t want to smoke or inhale anything to enjoy the effects of cannabis, edibles might be right up your alley. Choose from cannabis gummies, chocolates, beverage enhancers, taffies, and more to get something that will double as a delicious treat. Many of our customers say this is the sweetest way to consume cannabis, and there are all kinds of different flavors for you to enjoy.


Cannabis tinctures and oils have a great reputation among people who like to get very consistent THC levels so they have more consistent experiences. Most of these products come in dropper bottles, so it’s relatively easy to measure out a precise amount of cannabinoids. This is often more predictable than smoking a bowl, dabbing a chunk of cannabis wax, or trying to bite off half of an edible. When you want to easily measure your consumption, add tinctures to your food, drink, or directly into your mouth.


Topicals are some of the most underrated cannabis products, but they’re starting to earn more attention from those who are in the know. People who want to localize their experience to a certain body part may prefer things like relief creams that are enhanced with CBD and THC. Others who want to get more THC into their bloodstream may appreciate our selection of patches with various cannabinoid levels.


There are many different types of cannabis enthusiasts. Some like to vaporize dabs, others roll joints, and some prefer to smoke out of glass pipes. No matter which style you prefer, you can find many of the required accessories here at Golden Meds on Bryant Street. Rolling trays, one-hitters, vape batteries, and more are all at your fingertips. Our goal is to connect you with premium cannabis products and everything you need to enjoy them at the same time.

How to Reach Golden Meds Dispensary on Bryant Street

The Bryant Street location of our Denver dispensary is along the South Platte River near the Sun Valley, Lincoln Park, Valverde, and Barnum neighborhoods. It’s easy to get to us from all of the surrounding areas in Denver and Lakewood because of our proximity to Federal Boulevard, 25, and 6th Avenue Freeway. Once you arrive, you’ll find ample parking surrounding our dispensary.

Time to Find Your Favorite Cannabis Dispensary in Denver

At Golden Meds on Bryant, we’re your local source for both medical cannabis and recreational cannabis. Check our online dispensary menu and toggle between recreational and medical marijuana as necessary. You can even place your order online if you want us to have it ready and waiting for you when you stop by to pick it up. We’re open seven days a week, so come see us today!

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