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Cannabis Pre rolls at Golden Meds
Golden Meds, your prime Colorado dispensary, is the top-shelf of top-shelf cannabis and accessories. Whether you are looking for edibles, concentrates, or flower, we ensure you won’t walk out unhappy. In need of pre-rolls? We have you covered. 

Find Cannabis Pre-Rolls in Denver & Colorado Springs

Pre-rolls are premade joints wrapped in paper and sometimes dipped in wax, kief, or both. Pre-rolls are typically offered in gram or half-gram increments. Some come in joint packs or convenient containers. People enjoy pre-rolls for convenience, portability, and time-saving energy, not grinding and packing. Ours are packed with high-quality flower and affordably priced. Pre-rolls are smoked regularly; merely light the end of the paper and puff away. 

In any of our nine Denver/Colorado Springs locations, our budtenders care about high-quality products and service, inclusivity and diversity, and overall safety. Order online and do our in-store pickup to save time as well. You may also call ahead, and the staff will answer any questions you need. We have different pre-rolls at different locations, but here are some of what we offer. 

Sativa Pre-Rolls (All Prices are Before Tax)

Verde Natural-Super Lemon Haze-1g


This citrusy and ethereal joint is perfect for that midday boost of energy and creativity. It will leave you feeling happy, focused, and inspired.

High Country Cone-Tang-1g


Ahh, remember Saturday morning cartoons when Tang commercials would come on while you were eating French toast? Fuel your nostalgia with this 23.9% Tang pre-roll. All your smoking needs without any powder or moms yelling for you to turn the TV down. 

High Country Cone-Hurricane-1g


Another offering by High Country Cone, Hurricane, is a fantastic sativa for that morning hike, energy for a Rockies game, and that pick-me-up you need to keep your day going. Lock your doors and windows. A Hurricane is coming.

Verde Natural-Cherry Diesel-1g


At 24% THC, this variation of Diesel is fruity and packed with high-quality flower. For under seven dollars, too, it’s a budget price that makes it the cherry on top.

High Country Cone-Maui Wowie-1g


Time for an island getaway? Look no further than classic Maui Wowie. It’s a favorite for a reason, and the 20.01% THC is your passport to be wowed. 

Veritas-The Sauce-0.6g


This mini pre-roll packs a punch at almost 30% THC. A few puffs, and you’ll be feeling like a hot plate of roast waiting for that sauce to smother you with inspired and focused goodness. 

Hybrid Pre-Rolls

A nice blend of indica and sativa, hybrids are for those best-of-both-worlds folks who want to feel sharp but also relaxed. Golden Meds will help you find the right balance for you. 

Del Mundo-PhantomBerry #10-1g


PhantomBerry #10 is part spooky, part fruity, and you will feel calm and heady. Great budget joint for your needs. 

High Country Cone-Bio Chem-1g


High Country Cone always has your back for great hybrids, and Bio Chem is no exception with over 26% THC. Just because you failed Biology and Chemistry in high school doesn’t mean you can’t reap the rewards now. No more school. Just the high. 

Kaiser Rollz-Petrol Rainbow-1.8g


Bow to the kaiser. This behemoth of cannabis beauty is the size of almost two gram pre-rolls for an affordable price. Also, who wouldn’t want to taste the rainbow? Sorry, Skittles. 

Verde Natural-Hazelnut Cream-1g


This Nutella-inspired joint by Verde Natural is perfect for that energetic but mellow feeling. It will keep you warm like a cup of coffee with, I don’t know, hazelnut cream. 

710-Sour Tangie


We all know you need cannabis on road trips with all your friends. You might even want to stock up for a long week. We understand that. Stay sour with 710’s Sour Tangie joint pack. Ten 1g joints will keep you energized and prepared for that drum circle later. Make sure your friends chip in for snacks, though. 

Indica Pre-Rolls

If you want that fully relaxed, before-bed, night-in, lazy feeling, Golden Meds has the right indica pre-rolls for you. 

Del Mundo-DMC GMO Cookies-1g


On the lower end of price and THC, DMC GMO Cookies will leave you calm and soothed. Make sure to have a glass of milk. 



At a whopping eighth of cannabis, the name says it all. Viola’s joint is Bonkers and is fantastic for sharing for a nice movie marathon or a sleepover. 

High Country Cone-Beach Crasher-1g


High Country Cone has a wonderful budgeted pre-roll with an ocean view. Grab a few friends, head down to the beach, enjoy the sand, and crash on a blanket. Just make sure to have sunscreen. 

Malek’s Hand Rolls-Panda Puffs-1.75g


This thick joint is an affordable bridge to calm happiness. Puff away and let the fluffy black-and-white bears visit you. 



Even though it has no potassium in it, it has plenty of potassi-yum infused in this mini pre-roll by Veritas. Very a-peeling, right?

Shop High-Quality Prerolls & Joints in Colorado from Golden Meds

Stop by any of Golden Meds’ Denver/Colorado Springs cannabis dispensaries and pick up a pre-roll today. Find us online at and find out why our inclusive and friendly dispensaries are celebrated. You can also contact us online for any questions or inquiries.

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