Cannabis Topicals in Denver, CO

Golden Meds showcases their cannabis topicals offered at their Denver Colorado locations and explains different types and uses

Are you interested in a form of cannabis that’s easy to use, perfect for targeted use, and generally free from psychoactive effects? Then cannabis topicals/transdermals might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Golden Meds offers a selection of top-quality topicals in Denver, providing options with varying price points, concentration levels, and ingredients lists to give you plenty of choices to consider. We’ve hand-selected only the very best in cannabis topicals, turning to the brands we know and love to stock our Denver dispensaries with premium products you’ll love.

Marijuana topicals are a popular product option for a diverse range of consumers, and you might just be one of them. Here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about cannabis and topicals, including why they may be your perfect-fit product.

What are Cannabis Topicals?

Cannabis topicals are marijuana-infused products designed to be applied directly to your skin, specifically for localized effects.
There are THC topicals, topicals with CBD, and many other options out there. And because the industry’s best and brightest brands have created such a variety of products, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Types of Cannabis Topicals

If you’ve spent even a few moments in a dispensary, then you already know that today’s cannabis brands are masters of innovation. When it comes to cannabis, the choices are plentiful, and that includes the amazing array of cannabis topical types:

    • Cannabis lotions
    • Cannabis salves
    • Cannabis creams
    • Cannabis lip balms
    • Cannabis bath bombs and salts
    • Cannabis skincare
    • Cannabis roll-ons
    • Cannabis transdermal patches
    • Cannabis intimate oils
    • Cannabis suppositories

How Do Marijuana Topicals Work?

The second you apply a topical with cannabis to your skin, the plant-powered product goes right to work. As you put the topical on your skin and massage it in, an impressive lineup of active compounds (like THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids) is absorbed into your skin’s dermal layer.

These compounds typically only reach the dermal layer of your skin and are not released into your bloodstream. This means that you can use them for localized purposes (for example, many consumers choose topicals for sore muscles) without intoxication. In some cases, a very small amount of THC might make it into your bloodstream, but it’s so minimal that noticeable effects are pretty unlikely.

Why Choose Cannabis Topicals?

There are so many reasons that consumers enjoy cannabis topicals, not the least of which is their versatility. Because there are so many different kinds of cannabis topicals, it’s easy to find an option that aligns with your needs, goals, and lifestyle.

Here at Golden Meds, we’ve made sure to stock all types of topicals with cannabis. That way, you can enjoy all of their potential advantages in a way that suits you. Our Denver dispensary customers have described great successes in using topicals for muscle tension, soreness, chronic pain, certain skin conditions, and even relaxation.

Consumers describe a variety of advantages to cannabis topicals, many of which might appeal to you.

Benefits of Cannabis Topicals

    • Highly localized effects
    • Do not generally produce intoxicating effects
    • Can be used as needed, even on the go
    • Convenient and easy, even for new cannabis consumers
    • Discreet
    • May contain additional ingredients to help support an overall sense of wellbeing
    • Can be ideal for specific goals or just for enjoyment purposes

How to Use Cannabis Topicals to Achieve Your Individual Goals

Depending on how you plan to use cannabis topicals, you’ll want to find a product that fits those goals. For example, if you want a topical with cannabis for post-workout soreness, a cream or a salve will be a better choice than a lip balm. Or, if you’d like to use cannabis for relaxation, consider a cannabis-infused bubble bath to wind down after a long day.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re browsing our dispensaries in Denver for cannabis topicals:

    • What do you want to achieve with cannabis topicals?
    • How do you prefer to use topical products? For example, do you dislike the feeling of salves?
    • When do you plan to use cannabis topicals? After a workout, at night, etc.?
    • What types of scents, additional ingredients, and other features do you like?

Want more help with learning how to choose the best cannabis topicals for you? At the Golden Meds Denver dispensaries, you can find plenty of choices, including many of the types mentioned above – and we’ll help you figure out which ones are right for your wants and needs.

Browse the Best Cannabis Topicals for Sale in Denver at Golden Meds

Quality counts when you’re searching for the best topicals with cannabis, and you can be confident that you’re shopping only the very best brands and products when you visit Golden Meds dispensaries. Our recreational dispensaries in Denver carry the industry’s leading brands and products, making it simple and enjoyable to discover new favorites anytime. Plus, our experienced staff is always prepared to help you navigate our selection of topicals, edibles, and other cannabis products with ease. We’ll answer any questions you may have, help you narrow down your options, and work with you to match your needs to a high-quality cannabis product.

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