Denver has so much to offer cannabis consumers. After reading our guide below, you’ll discover 

    • Legal places to consume cannabis inside the city limits 
    • Areas of the cannabis community to explore 
    • The best places to visit after legally consuming cannabis elsewhere 

Denver has consistently been at the forefront of the cannabis legalization movement. Not only does this mean that you can find great cannabis products throughout the city, especially at any of the Golden Meds dispensary locations, but there’s never a shortage of cannabis-related places to visit, things to do, and sights to see. 

Since there’s so much available, it can be hard to create your own checklist of cannabis events. To make it a bit easier, we’ve researched for you and made a list of 10 things, seven places to consume cannabis, and three things to do after that can help you enjoy everything Denver has to offer. 

Cannabis Things to Do in Denver, CO

The state of Colorado first approved cannabis consumption establishments in 2020. While it’s taking a while for places to be approved and open their doors, this new approval allows consumers to consume cannabis in the presence of other legal adults in areas outside their homes. Regardless of whether a specific location is listed below or not, you should also make sure you’re following applicable laws and regulations before consuming. 

Cooking Classes 

Two of our favorite cannabis cooking classes are put on by Kush & Canvases. For those looking to develop their own edible-making skills, the Puff & Pastry class walks you through the steps of cannabis infusing so you can bake amazing cannabis-infused pastries. 

Another great class is their Sushi & Spliffs workshop. You’ll learn how to roll sushi and joints, which are two essential life skills. Your ticket price includes the cost of all supplies, and you’ll be able to make up to three sushi rolls. 

Art Classes 

Of course, with a name like Kush & Canvases, it makes sense that they also conduct art classes. Each class occurs once a week, and you’ll have the option of choosing from a variety of art-related subjects like Indo Illustrations (which focuses on different forms of art), Pot 

Portraits, and Marijuana and Mimosas (a paint-what-you-like class). Most classes last around two hours and help stimulate your mind and sense of creativity. 

Art Galleries 

Creating art is cool, but if you’d rather enjoy the creations of others, art galleries are the place to. Spectra Art Space, in particular, is known for being cannabis-friendly and allowing guests to consume cannabis in its private backyard during events. After consuming, you’ll be able to explore some of the city’s best painters, glass blowers, immersive artists. They also offer glass blowing classes, and while you shouldn’t consume before class starts, you’ll be able to make glass pipes, bongs, and carbs for use afterward. 

Private Cannabis Clubs 

Cannabis clubs are slowly growing in number in the Denver area. The first such place, the Coffee Joint, allows patrons to consume cannabis with a vaporizer or as an edible in a social setting while helping to spread the staff’s passion and knowledge of all things cannabis-related.  

It should be noted that you cannot consume cannabis with any devices that result in an open flame. So no blunts, bowls, pre-rolls, or joints. However, you can smoke flower via a vaporizer. Also, as it is a Bring-Your-Own-Cannabis establishment, make sure to stop by a Golden Meds dispensary before swinging by. 

Bud and Breakfast 

If you’re visiting the city or just going on stay-cation, you can find cannabis-friendly hotels that allow you to consume cannabis on the premises and others that allow you to smoke on the balconies, decks, or patios.  

One of our favorite bud-and-breakfast spots is a former mansion, Arrowhead Manor. It sits between Red Rocks and the city itself, which allows for easy access to both, and gives you access to some of the most amazing mountain views and scenery.  

Cannabis Tours 

Instead of finding your own path through the cannabis community, let a professional tour company do all the hard work for you. Cannabis consumption is allowed in limos and buses, meaning you can consume while learning a bit more about the city around you. 

If you’re looking for a specific recommendation, it’s hard to go wrong with My 420 Tours. Their tour bus will take you around town to explore grow facilities, edible-making classes, dispensaries, and cannabis consumption lounges.  

Cool Events 

The perfect “et cetera” is all the cannabis-related events you can find around town on any given day. Many event spaces put up cannabis-friendly events like cook-offs, parties, and even political events all centered around our favorite flower. 

An event space to zero in on as you plan your cannabis schedule, the Oh-Zone is known for embracing cannabis culture and serving the cannabis community. As you browse their calendar, you should notice that their events tend to focus on things that pair well with cannabis, like arts, sustainability, and self-care. 

Things to do After Consuming Cannabis 

After legally consuming cannabis elsewhere, you may be driven to explore this beautiful city of ours. Below are some of our favorite things to do when we’re not tied down with couch-lock. 

Become a Tourist 

There are so many things to do and explore in Denver that sometimes you can feel like a tourist even after you’ve lived here for a while. We say you should lean into that feeling and explore the stuff you may have missed the first time around because it was too “touristy.” 

If you’re a museum person, spend the afternoon experiencing exhibits at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science or walking through the galleries at the Denver Art Museum. Those looking for a connection to nature can explore Denver’s beautiful parks and the Denver Botanic Gardens. Depending on the season, sports fans can see the Nuggets, Broncos, or Rockies play, too. 

Indulge Your Munchies 

Denver has a burgeoning culinary scene. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you’ll find something to satisfy your cravings and fill you with gorgeous, mouth-watering food. It’s hard to pick just one restaurant to recommend, so feel free to check out this list of trendy restaurants or simply pick a neighborhood and take a chance on a new place. 

Get the Giggles 

The city doesn’t get enough credit for its comedy scene. Comedy Works is an oft-cited favorite of stans-up comics both local and national. The Denver Improv, Oriental Theater, and Paramount Theatre also regularly host touring stand-up comedians. 

If you prefer improv, you can find it at Bovine Metropolis Theater, and RISE Comedy has performers take suggestions of the audience and turn them into games or scenes that are creative, unique, and hilarious. 

Golden Meds Dispensaries 

Golden Meds has served Denver’s cannabis community for over a decade with its incredible menu options. This enables us to develop long-lasting relationships with the state’s best growers and producers of cannabis and related products. We love sharing our knowledge of and passion for cannabis with all of our customers, so whether you’re taking your first token or you’re a cannabis veteran, make sure to stop by one of our dispensaries or contact us online today. 

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