After reading our guide to Colorado’s best cannabis companies, you’ll learn: 

    • What separates premium cannabis brands from those in lower tiers 
    • Which companies you can support to help push cannabis culture in the state to the next level 
    • Where to find more information about what makes these companies’ product offerings so great 

Since the state legalized cannabis, a variety of brands have popped up to help serve the Colorado cannabis community. Many of these brands have flourished, and they’ve done so by producing high-quality products that meet the needs of their customers. Golden Meds’ list below isn’t all-inclusive, and many deserving cannabis product producers were unfortunately left off. However, the ten cannabis brands we list here should serve as some of the best of the best in the state. 


14er is a Boulder-based company that quickly established itself as a premier Colorado cannabis company. They continually go above and beyond to develop creative new strands and offer cannabis products that range from the traditional flower and bud to edibles, vapes, and concentrates. 

Their imaginative offerings and passion for the cannabis community make them a continual favorite among Golden Meds staff and customers. With over a decade of experience, they’ve taken on the mantle of innovation as they continue to grow. 

Nineteen Hundred Six 

While many edibles take an hour or more for you to feel the effects, the products from 1906 are known to begin working with 20 minutes of ingestion. This gives consumers more control over how much to eat and helps prevent that classic “second dose” mistake that can sometimes plague edibles. Additionally, their edibles are pretty delicious.

1906 keeps things natural by using pesticide-free cannabis and triple-testing their products for chemicals and other contaminants. This also allows them to ensure a consistent potency with each batch. They’re self-described “chocolate snobs,” and they produce their edibles using a process that helps to mask the flavor of cannabis. 


While cannabis culture is no doubt fun, the foundation on which it grows is one of science. After all, it takes knowledge, time, and testing to grow cannabis strains that customers actually want to buy. The people at Cherry understand this deeply, applying repeatable practices and an in-depth understanding of plant genetics to produce potent, delicious strains. 

To continually push the boundaries of cannabis, the lead horticulturist, Jason Maclean, developed an in-house seed division. This allows Cherry to do their own genetic and phenotype testing. 


Clearwater Genetics has deservedly earned a reputation for unrelenting standards when it comes to its cannabis products. At their grow facility, all of their cannabis is hand-trimmed and undergoes a quality control process that ensures no low-quality bud makes it out their doors. 

Their team has combined to grow cannabis for over 20 years which allows them to employ creativity and hands-on experience to develop unique strains and improve on already established ones. If you haven’t had the chance to purchase any bud from Clearwater, make sure to add that to your to-do list immediately. 


Incredibles offers consistently mouth-watering and potent edibles. Whether you purchase their chocolates, gummies, or mints, you’ll find their products alluring and tasty. Their edibles have garnered praise and awards from a variety of cannabis experts including GQ, High Times, BudFest, and the Cannabis Business Awards. 

Their goal is not only to produce award-winning edibles, but it’s also to educate their customers in their process and cannabis science at large. They truly believe that a more informed cannabis community means that all cannabis companies, theirs included, will be pushed to offer higher quality products. 

LoCol Love 

If you consider yourself a cannabis connoisseur, then you should try out the offerings from LoCol Love. Their boutique strains are available as bud, trim, hash, and rosin. Owned and operated by locals, the company has dedicated itself to helping the local community discover natural ways of feeling good. 

Their crop is grown in the mountains, giving it a durability that’s difficult to beat. You can find their genetic library on their website which lists all the strains they produce, the genetic parents, and the breeder. This gives cannabis consumers a wealth of information so they can experiment and try new strains. 

Rebel Edibles 

Rebel Edibles took 2nd place in the edibles category at the 2019 Colorado High Times Cannabis Cup. This is a testament to the way the premium ingredients they use to produce their fruit blasts and caramels. By focusing on their ingredients, they’re able to craft tasty products that are always popular at our dispensaries. 

They also seek customer input. If you have a flavor or product in mind, they encourage you to reach out to them through their website to see if it is something they may be able to produce. This type of partnership with their customers allows them to ensure they’re always top of mind. 


The goal at Veritas is to produce a variety of world-class cannabis products that are suited to the needs of every cannabis consumer. To do so, they focus on terpenes, which are the aromatic oils of the cannabis plant. Their cultivation process allows them to grow strains that maximize aroma, taste, and potency. 

However, they don’t just settle on producing great products. Their website contains an interactive strain guide and genetic library that allows customers to uncover strains that best meet their needs. 


Wana’s mission is to enhance the lives of its customers through cannabis. To do that, they’ve created one of the best edible companies in the state. Their products include fast-acting gummies, tinctures, and capsules.  

To help serve the cannabis community, they offer in-depth educational courses on cannabis through their website. This lets potential customers know more about their production process and how cannabis interacts with the body. 

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